Kelly Lopat Wins 2022 Ted Reinhardt / Bruce Brucato Memorial Scholarship

Kelly Lopat Wins 2022 Ted Reinhardt / Bruce Brucato Memorial Scholarship

Hello Dooleys’ Friends! This year’s winner of the Ted Reinhardt and Bruce Brucato Memorial Scholarship is Kelly Lopat. Kelly is a 2022 graduate of Kenmore East High School who has been active in music, dancing and singing in the Kenmore district since her middle school days. Kelly’s passionate love of music will continue throughout her upcoming college experience. Congratulations Kelly for being chosen as this year’s $500 scholarship recipient!

The Ted/Bruce scholarship was first awarded in June 2017. Initially funded by Major Progress Program (a studio band that featured Ted, George Puleo, Tom Reinhardt, David Kane, Paul Swisher, and Greg Opalinski), the scholarship has received recent annual boosts from the Ted Reinhardt Western New York Drumming Festival. This year’s festival is scheduled for Sunday, August 7 at Old Man River in Tonawanda, New York. The festival starts at noon and concludes at 4 pm. See the link below for more information and make plans now to attend this special event.


2017 Julia Viger & Natalie Elwood $500 (each)

2018 Brittany Hoffman & Emily Walter $500 (each)

2019 Megan Swick $500

2020 Madison Reimer $500

2021 William Burhans $500

2022 Kelly Lopat $500

The 2023 date and location for the Ted Reinhardt Western NY Drumming Festival will be announced in Spring 2023.

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