The Dooleys

“Rockin’ the world with peace, love and joy”

The Dooleys are indeed a brotherhood! More often than not, Dooley founders Paul Swisher (vocals & guitar) and Gregory Opalinski (vocals) venture out to clubs and venues with Dooley brothers, Joe Mombrea (JJ Swing) and guitarist extraordinaire George Puleo (Damone Jackson Outcome, The Need). Joe is the integral third leg of the Dooleys’ vocal triad, bringing their trademark three-part harmonies to life. Joe also provides the lion’s share of guitar work for the band and adds occasional spice strumming a mandolin. George quite simply is George … creative, amazing, and uniquely intuitive … a true Buffalo music icon!

The Dooleys perform occasionally as an ensemble that includes all of the above musicians along with legendary Buffalo all-stars Shannon Street (drums), Jack Kulp (bass), and David Kane (keyboards). Dooleys alumni Glenn Colton, Tim Wright, Paul Weisenburger, Jack Prybylski, Frank Pusateri, and Dick Bauerle also join the fun when circumstances and schedules permit. Alumnus Donnie Roy passed away in 1999.

The Dooleys’ original material is upbeat and uplifting and explores themes of spirituality, positivity, social consciousness, peace, love, and joy. Covers are generally directed toward their vocal strength and include selections from CSNY, Grateful Dead, Byrds, etc.

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“What You Want” … An oldie but goodie that we resurrected for our new album, March of the Bleeding Heart